Driving In South America

The main reason for the development of DriverAbroad.com was the lack of a single resource providing all the driving advice and information you’ll need to plan a self drive trip Abroad .The information provided on the site was gathered via research initially in 2011/12 and though I try and keep it updated as much as possible, its not my full time job, and in a rapidly changing world, situations will change meaning info provided may be out of date. Therefore please use the site as an approximate guide, and in conjunction with other resources in order to form your view on driving conditions, roads etc. –

The pages below provide driving and car rental info for every country in South America, from the Patagonia regions of Chile and Argentina in the south to Venezuala and Colombia in the North, plus the outlying islands of St Helena and Ascension Island.

Obviously therefore, the road conditions and driving standards will vary widely between countries. The region can be a challenging self drive destination, particularly in the traffic clogged cities, but it also provides some breath taking scenery and the chance to drive on some of the worlds most spectacular roads. Local car rental companies are numerous in the region, providing the opportunity to search out the best prices, plus get some local knowledge to help plan your trip.

Ascension Island
Falkland Islands
Guyana (French Guyana)
St Helena
Tristan Da Cunha

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