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Driving In Kazakhstan
Roads in Kazakhstan are in poor repair, especially in rural areas with pot holes which may be dangerously deep, and accidents are common. Road signs are few away from Cities and many that exist will be in Cyrillic script. Street lighting may be turned off at night so avoid driving after dark if possible. Driving styles can be fast and aggressive especially in and around Almaty. Traffic police have reportedly stopped cars to extort bribes on main city streets and at periodic checkpoints on major highways. The road between Almaty and Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan, is especially treacherous at night or during poor weather so you should take extreme care if driving this route and avoid doing so at night.

Kazakhstan Car Rental –
Hertz and Europcar. Europcar have outlets here.Hertz have outlets in Aktau, Almaty,Astana and Atyrau but none seem to be bookable online.  Europcar have an outlet in Almaty and that  did seem bookable online when I checked in Aug 12.

These are local travel companies who should be able to arrange car rental –



Kazakhstan Self Drive Rules –
Europcar mention restrictions on driving to certain countries which makes it sound as though cross border rentals may be possible but they don’t give details on this.

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  1. Driver Abroad

    Comment from DriverAbroad.com user Will Cooper –
    hertz.kz (caspian car rentals) lets you book online for Almaty and Astana.
    I did it in March and May this year (2012)
    however, you should call or email ahead of time (a day before your rental) to make sure they have your car or will go get it since the cars are stored elsewhere. i showed up in May and they said “sorry we don’t have a car” but after I gave them a very hard time they got me one

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