Montserrat Driving Advice and Car Hire Info

Driving In Montserrat
Montserrat drives on the left. You will need a temporary Visitor’s Driving Licence to drive in Montserrat. These are available from any police station on production of a valid driving licence and on payment of a fee of EC$50. The rental company may be able to help arrange this for you. The roads tend to be steep and winding in many areas and are subject to a 20 mph speed limit.Montserrat is highly volcanic and access to parts of the south of the Island are restricted.
This includes all areas on the southern flanks of the Belham Valley, east of the Belham Bridge and areas to the south plus areas south of Jack Boy Hill to Bramble Airport and beyond. When driving on the Islands you should keep your radio tunes to Radio Montserrat in case volcanic activity necessitates an evacuation.

Montserrat Car Rental –
None of the big international companies operate on Montserrat.This website provides email addresses for a number of local companies.

This is a local company –

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