Most Traffic Congested Cities

Worlds Most Traffic Congested Cities

Which City suffers the world’s worst traffic congestion is a difficult question to answer. In many countries in the developing world there are simply no accurate stats to track the volume of vehicles using the roads and average journey times, though there are plenty of anecdotal ‘urban myth’ type tales of 12 hour commutes (Nigeria) and people stuck in jams for longer than 24 hours (China). Therefore for ‘worst in the world’ stats, I’ve relied on multiple sources in reference books, motoring magazines and websites. The following Cities all seem to feature in most lists, in no particular order –

Beijing China
Tokyo Japan
Sao Paulo Brazil
Bangkok Thailand
Moscow Russia
Mexico City Mexico
Mumbai India
Manila Phillipines
Seoul South Korea
Lagos Nigeria
Jakarta Indonesia
Caracas Venezuela
Cairo Egypt

For Europe and USA, however, where new technology such as Sat-Nav’s are more prevalent, its much easier to obtain accurate data. The Sat-Nav manufacturer, Tom Tom, publish a quarterly league table for both Europe and USA, based on data obtained from their users devices. It could be argued that the data is based only on people actually using a Sat-Nav, therefore local drivers may tend to be excluded, but the charts below probably provide an accurate reflection on the Cities which suffer most congestion. Full data can be seen at


1 Istanbul Turkey
2 Warsaw Poland
3 Marseille France
4 Palermo Italy
5 Rome Italy
6 Paris France
7 Stuttgart Germany
8 Brussels Belgium
9 Hamburg Germany
10 Stockholm Sweden
11 Nice France
12 Vienna Austria
13 Lyon France
14 Berlin Germany
15 Cologne Germany
16 Dublin Ireland
17 Leeds/Bradford UK
18 London UK
19 Toulouse France
20 Milan Italy
21 Prague Czech Republic
22 Budapest Hungary
23 Naples Italy
24 Luxembourg Luxembourg
25 Oslo Norway
26 Munich Germany
27 Nottingham UK
28 Strasbourg France
29 Manchester UK
30 Frankfurt Germany


1 Los Angeles USA
2 Vancouver Canada
3 San Francisco USA
4 Honolulu USA
5 Seattle USA
6 Toronto Canada
7 New Orleans USA
8 San Jose USA
9 Montreal Canada
10 Chicago USA
11 Washington USA
12 Portland USA
13 New York USA
14 Boston USA
15 Tampa USA
16 Miami USA
17 San Diego USA
18 Houston USA
19 Pittsburgh USA
20 Austin USA
21 Orlando USA
22 Denver USA
23 Atlanta USA
24 Virginia Beach USA
25 Ottawa Canada

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