Easter Island

Easter Island Driving Advice and Car Hire Info

Whilst Tristan Da Cunha is widely accepted to be the worlds most isolated, permanently inhabited Island, Easter Island is usually viewed as a close second. And as Tristan Da Cunha has no car rental options, it could be that the sites below can be classed as the worlds most isolated options for renting cars (and scooters…and horses!)
Easter Island, or Rapa Nui, is roughly triangular, with a volcano in each corner. It’s a fertile, subtropical island about 24 km long by 12 km wide .Visitors who rent a car will encounter the strange “moai” statues scattered around the coast, many partially hidden in long grass, including a row of 15 statues by the sea at Tongariki.

Most of the roads on the Island are unpaved though there are some paved roads along the Southern coast and North to Anakena beach, as well as in and around the main settlement of Hanga Roa. In Hanga Roa , there is a 20kmh speed limit and outside town, due to the poor condition of the roads, it is rare to exceed 50kmh. There are very few vehicles on the Island though and apart from driving on bumpy dirt roads, the driving is relatively stress free.
These sites all offer self drive car rental –




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