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Rwanda Driving Advice and Car Hire Info

The research for this website was carried out mainly in 2011 and 2012. Therefore there is a good chance that much of the information may now be out of date. This is particularly true of countries in the developing world, especially Asia and Africa where conditions can change often. Also, the political climate in many countries has changed a lot in recent years. Therefore the information on this website should be treated with caution. You should always check with your Government’s website or the UK Foreign office travel advice website before finalising plans to drive abroad.

Driving in Rwanda –
You can drive on an EU photo licence for up to 3 months but an International Driving permit would also be useful to have. I was actually asked to produce one by the police in Rwanda .Check your Government’s website before planning a trip to Rwanda. You should avoid driving in or to the border areas with Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), except to the towns of Gisenyi, Kibuye and Cyangugu. Roads are generally in good condition for Africa and all main roads from Kigali are fine.Secondary roads will deteriorate after heavy rain and many will only be passable using 4WD vehicles. Street lighting is generally poor in towns and non existent in rural areas. As there will be many poorly lit vehicles on the roads, plus wandering animals and pedestrians, night time driving is not wise. Driving standards are generally poor- drivers will overtake at speed on blind bends or hills so you should always expect the unexpected and drive defensively.

Rwanda Car Rental –
None of the big companies have an office in Kigali.

This company are affiliated to Self Drive Uganda and are a reputable company who can provide self drive or cars with drivers. They allow vehicles to be taken in Uganda

This local company offer car and 4X4 rental, and act as a broker for a number of locals firms. They say they allow vehicles to be taken into Uganda.

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