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Cook Islands Driving Advice and Car Hire Info

Driving in the Cook Islands
Driving abroad in the Cook Islands is on the left. Most visitors tend to rent scooters rather than cars.Strangely in 2007 the World Health organisation named the Cook Islands as having the worlds second deadliest roads after Eritrea, with 45 deaths per 100,000 people. However that total equated to 5 deaths, which I guess could have been in a single accident so is perhaps not a stat worth considering! The pace of driving is generally relaxed.- The speed limit is 30km/h in towns and 50km/h on open road.- There are NO traffic lights on the islands and only two pedestrian crossings. Most roads are in reasonable condition though some are gravel and there will be the odd pot hole on all roads. You should drive cautiously at all times as pedestrians and dogs tend to walk in the road, a hazard which is made worse on unlit roads at night.

Cook Islands Car Rental
Budget have 6 locations in Rarotonga. Avis also have branches here.
This is a local company-

Cook Islands Self Driving Rules
You need a Cook Islands licence to drive here which you can get from the Police Headquarters in Avarua for $20.(Not an International Driving Permit) The rental company should be able to provide a temporary licence for you to drive to the police station to get your licence. You’ll need your home licence and a passport to get the licence.

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