Marshall Islands

Marshall Islands Driving Advice and Car Hire Info

Driving in Marshall Islands –
Its virtually impossible to get lost on Majuro atoll as it has only one main road. Its paved, but there are few traffic signs and no traffic lights. Expect to encounter dogs, chickens, pigs and pedestrians in the road at all times. There are few streetlights so avoid driving at night to avoid these likely hazards in the road .Drinking and driving is common, especially on the weekends, which is another reason to avoid driving at night. Traffic moves slowly, rarely over 25 miles per hour. Some roads experience temporary flooding after heavy rains and thhe Marshall Islands are vulnerable to hurricanes and cyclones so keep an eye on weather forecasts or ask locals for advice on the weather so you’re not caught out.

Marshall Islands Car Rental

Hertz seem to have a franchise in Majuro though it didn’t seem to be bookable online when I tried.

There are a number of local companies in Majuro but unfortunately I’ve been unable to locate any with an email address or website. Phone numbers are below-
RRE Hotel Car Rental (692) 625-5131
Pacific Wheels (692) 247-7497
MGAS Rentals (692) 625-6559
Elm Motors (692) 625-3466
G & L Rental Cars (692) 625-3965
DAR Car Rentals (692) 625-3174
Majuro Motors, Inc. (692) 625-4422
Frank K’s Rental (692) 625-402

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