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Driving In Algeria

The security situation in Algeria has improved in recent years though there is still a risk of terrorism and kidnap of foreigners.Most Government’s advice not to travel to the country’s Southern and Eastern border regions. Road conditions have improved in recent years but don’t expect European driving standards. An international driving permit is recommended and you should expect plenty of police check points, especially when leaving and entering Cities. Also unaccompanied self driving into the desert is forbidden -vehicles must travel in convoy and there are frequent road blocks on routes into the desert to impose the rule. Overland travel outside major cities should be avoided at night, as buses and other vehicles have been attacked, sometimes at illegal vehicle checkpoints.

Although I try and keep the information in the site updated as much as possible, in a rapidly moving world, situations can change daily. Therefore please use the site as an approximate guide, and in conjunction with other resources in order to form your view on driving conditions, roads, safety etc.

A DriverAbroad site user, Roma Massot, drove in a self drive car in Algeria in Summer 2014. Here are his experiences of driving in Algeria –

DRIVING in ALGERIA (5-25 June 2014)

I rented a car during 14 days! the best way to visit the country.
(No experience with bus. Train was also good: we did Oran to Algier).

-NO need of International License: my Spain/European was perfect!

-Don’t forget “marriage certificate” if you travel with your couple to avoid a problem in several severe hotels…other case they want a room for each person (and of course, to pay both!).

-Very difficult to obtain a car in Algier capital: no cars, old ones, etc…even some cars very old and spoiled.

-The solution was the airport (International, Algier). Only 3 companies, in a small house, some 300 m outside of the main hall, in the parking area. “Rapide” was closed, “Hertz” more expensive, and unpleasant people. “CERVICAR” very kind. Only one small car was possible. Hyundai i10, Really new, good price (less tha 3000DA/day, 300km/day, no full insurance. 300 US$ as garantee. 1€=100DA (oficial)

-Motorways (east-side in the country, and several 4 ways,…always free, and good conditions.

-other roads, good in general, but some surprises (rims choped, some pits, etc).
-Main inconvenience: a lot of “dos d’ane” or “relantisseur”… some ones very high.. and a lot without a sign!!. You must be very careful…because unattended, you can fly …

-Signs usually in arab and french…no problem. Perhaps you will need to ask some times…Lot of people speak really good french (no english). Everybody very friendly and helpful…

-Security: No problem. “militarized country”, Controls quite often, every few km, with walls in the road, police,…Almost never they ask for your papers. NO PICTURES allowed, remember!! Going through the desert, you need “gendarmeria” taking care of you. To arrive to Timimoun, 1 hour of papers, and police with us during 150 km (4×4 in front and behind us). Kind and gentle. Just for your security, they say.

-Driving people is a bit anarchic, but not terrible. You can do it. Be prudent, and of course only during day light. Motorway: 120 km/h. Other roads, 90, 80, …But take care of “police dormant”, dangerous…!

-Petrol: so cheap! Just 23 da /liter (official: 23 cents of euro; if you change euros in the street, just 16 cent of euro). I bought a bottle of 10 liters, to avoid problems. It helped me going Timimoun (Sahara). The gas station in the middle way was closed.! In general, you have enough petrol stations, but some ones are closed, or dont have your type of essence. Full your tank when you have only the half. Tips are not necessary…but you can give the 4-10 dinars of the change. Salaries, sure, very low.

-I drived 4.500 km with any inconvenience. No experience about to go to Tamanrasset. Sure is better to fly there (2000 km + 2000 return! desert…monotony).

Algeria Car Rental Companies

Hertz are the only big rental company operating in Algeria.

We currently have no local car rental partners in Algeria. If you are a local car rental company who would like to feature on please check details on our Partnering page or contact us on

Algeria Self Driving Rules

Minimum age for renting is 25. Cars can’t be taken out of Algeria.

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