Bangladesh Driving Advice and Car Hire Info

The research for this website was carried out mainly in 2011 and 2012. Therefore there is a good chance that much of the information may now be out of date. This is particularly true of countries in the developing world, especially Asia, Africa and parts of South America where conditions can change often. Also, the political climate in many countries has changed a lot in recent years. Therefore the information on this website should be treated with caution. You should always check with your Government’s website or the UK Foreign office travel advice website before finalising plans to drive abroad.

Driving In Bangladesh
First of all check out the Countries section of your Government’s website before driving abroad in Bangladesh. This will have up to the minute details of the situation on the ground in what can be a turbulent part of the world. There will generally be advice not to travel to certain parts of the country. If you’re contemplating driving in Bangladesh I would guess (and hope!) you’re an experienced driver abroad. Dhaka and other urban areas should be avoided if possible as the streets will be crowded with all manner of vehicles plus human and animal obstacles. Its also very congested. The road network in general is in predictably poor condition, and road safety is also very poor. Drivers of larger vehicles expect to be given right of way. Speeding, dangerous and aggressive overtaking and sudden manoeuvres without indicating, mean that serious accidents are common. You should take particular care on long road journeys and use well-travelled and well-lit routes where possible. Driving at night is especially dangerous as many vehicles are unlit, or travel on full-beam headlights. Streetlights are rare, even in cities. There is also a risk of banditry if you travel between towns after dark.

Bangladesh Car Rental-

Europcar and Hertz only offer chauffeur drive.Finding a travel agent in Dhaka who can arrange self drive isn’t easy either, but those below should be able to help though you will get the usual issue on the Indian sub continent of them trying to get you to take a driver too –



The following website lists car rental companies but none have a website. Some have email addresses via the links though.

This website provides names and phone numbers of a large number of car rental companies but unfortunately there are no links to websites and google searches haven’t managed to locate any with a website or email.

Please update me if you manage to locate a reliable self drive company in Bangladesh.

Bangladesh Self Driving Rules–
No details on any of the company websites.

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