Kiribati and Kiritimati – Christmas Island

Kiribati and Kiritimati /Christmas Island) Driving and Car Hire Info

Driving on Kiribati
Kiribati drives on the left and you should be able to rent a car using your own photo licence. Roads in urban areas of Tarawa and Christmas Island are in a reasonable condition though you should expect the odd pot hole. After heavy rains, some road sections experience temporary flooding. Driving style is generally laid back and vehicles generally proceed slowly and are likely to stop with no warning. Drinking and driving is a common practice, especially on weekends and holidays. There are few streetlights and you’re likely to encounter pedestrians and animals in the road so proceed with care if driving abroad here at night.

Kiribati Car Rental
On South Tarawa cars can be rented from the following companies.

if website is down as it was when I tried to access it try emailing

Nganga Rentals: (cars, motorbikes & scooters), located at Tebuniia- Email:

Mary’s Motel also offers its guests their own rental cars prior on arrangement.

On Christmas Island, this tour company should be able to help arrange rental cars-

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