Anguilla Driving Advice and Car Hire Info

Driving In Anguilla
You will need to bring your driving licence if you plan to rent a car (and obtain a local driving licence from the car rental company at a cost of US $20). Most rental cars are automatic, but manual ones can be obtained. Anguilla is one of those weird places which has its steering wheel on the wrong side of the car! They drive on the left, like in UK and Australia, but the steering wheel is also on the left. You should therefore be cautious when overtaking – or ask your passenger if its safe to pull out –they’ll have a better view of the oncoming traffic than you ! The few roads on the island are generally poorly paved and narrow. Because of the narrow roads and lack of places to pull over, drivers should be alert to vehicles stopping suddenly on the roadway. Drivers usually generally abide by road rules but you may occasionally get drivers overtaking in dangerous locations, so proceed with caution, especially on unlit roads at night.

Anguilla Car Rental –
Europcar and Avis are the only big rental companies operating here.. Also usually features on Car rental broker sites such as Argus Car Hire.

These are some local companies-

Anguilla Self Driving Rules –
Minimum Age 25

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