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Belarus Driving advice and Car Hire Info

Driving In Belarus

Belarus drives on the right and you need your own photo licence plus and International Driving Permit to drive here.For stays of longer than 3 months you will need to obtain a Belarus licence.Speed limits: built-up areas 60kmh, unless specified otherwise; outside built-up areas 90kmh, motorways 110kmh. If entering Belarus in your own vehicle you must be able to produce ownership documents or a letter of ‘power of attorney’ at border crossings. Only originals of these documents are accepted.

Belarus has a reasonably well maintained system of highways, incorporating a number of toll roads.Roads requiring payment are-

М1/Е30 Brest (Kozlovichi) – Minsk – the Russian border (Redki) (610km),

Also sections of the following –

M2 Minsk – the National Airport Minsk,

M3 Minsk – Vitebsk,

M4 Minsk – Mogilev,

M5/E271 Minsk – Gomel,

M6/E28 Minsk – Grodno – the Polish border (Bruzgi),

M7/E28 Minsk – Oshmyany – the Lithuanian border (Kamenny Log),

P1 Minsk – Dzerzhinsk

P21 Vitebsk – the Russian border (Liozno),

P23 Minsk – Mikashevichi,

P28 Minsk – Molodechno – Naroch,

P99 Baranovichy – Volkovysk – Pogranichny – Grodno

Charges depend on vehicle weight and range between €0.04 to €0.145 per 1km and are applied via an Onboard Unit (OBU). Rental cars should already have an OBU fitted but if passing through Belarus in your own vehicle, more details on the system can be found on this site.

Although main roads are usually well maintained, smaller rural roads may be in a worse condition and can be icy in winter.Driving standards are generally quite good, aside for the occasional speeding BMW on motorways and compliance with road rules is high. The alcohol tolerance level when driving abroad in Belarus is zero, including beer, and traffic stops by the police are common. Its unlikely the police will speak any English so make sure you have all the necessary documentation for the car with you at all times.  Road signs will generally be in Cyrillic.   You should have no problem with pedestrians walking out into the traffic in Minsk –rules on ‘jay walking’ at traffic signals are strictly adhered to. The pedestrians in the Capital are probably the best behaved pedestrians in the world!

Although I try and keep the information in the site updated as much as possible, in a rapidly moving world, situations can change daily. Therefore please use the site as an approximate guide, and in conjunction with other resources in order to form your view on driving conditions, roads, safety etc.

Belarus Car Rental-
Sixt, Hertz, Europcar, Avis, have outlets here. Belarus is also covered on broker sites .

We currently have no local car rental partners in Belarus. If you are a local car rental company who would like to feature on please check details on our Partnering page or contact us on

Belarus Self Driving Rules-
Seem to vary a lot by company. Hertz will allow the car to be driven in any European country for an additional payment of 30 USD. No one seems to offer one way rentals outside the country.



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