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Virgin Islands (US) Driving Advice and Car Hire Info

Driving in US Virgin Islands

The US Virgin Islands drive on the left (the only US territory to do so) and you can use the licence of your own country. The Islands are mountainous (particularly St John) so roads can be steep and winding and many aren’t lit so driving here at night may cause some challenges. Roads are in reasonable condition but expect the odd pot hole. Also they may become slippery after rain. Drivers may tailgate, drive at high speed and attempt to overtake in dangerous locations but generally driving style is fairly laid back and shouldn’t cause you too many problems. As in many Caribbean Islands, drivers will pull over or stop in the middle of the road without indicating if they see a friend walking by, so leave plenty of room from the car in front, especially in towns. The Islands are small, so though roads often aren’t well signed, its difficult to get lost. Another potential anomaly of driving abroad here is you may find that your rental car has its steering wheel on the left. Coupled with left hand driving this can make overtaking difficult should you feel the need to do so, so only overtake where you have a clear view of the road ahead.

Check with your rental company if they allow cars to be taken between Islands. If they do, check that you won’t be responsible for recovery costs in the event of a breakdown. Ferry timetables can be found on –

US Virgin Islands Car Rental –

Hertz have branches on St Croix and St Thomas and Dollar have a branch on St Thomas. Budget have outlets on St Thomas and St John

On St Thomas this company allow cars to be taken to St John

Another company operating on St Thomas

Companies on St John –

Welcome To Courtesy Car Rentals on St John, US Virgin Islands

A word of caution- There have been reports of poor customer service from some rental companies on St John on some travel forums in late 2011. You may want to check through some posts on a forum such as below before booking your car-

Companies operating on St Croix –

You may find that most of the vehicles available are jeeps particularly on St John.

Virgin Islands Self Drive Rules (US Virgin Islands)
As mentioned above some of the companies will allow cars to be driven on different Islands. You should check with them at the time of booking

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