Taiwan Driving Advice and Car Hire Info

Driving in Taiwan
Taiwan drives on the right. If you intend to drive in Taiwan, you will need an International Driver’s Permit (IDP). Once in Taiwan, you may need to take your passport, IDP and a passport photograph to the nearest Vehicle Registration Dept and apply for a driver’s licence visa, which will then be secured in your IDP.Ask the rental company if they can arrange this for you. Roads are generally in reasonable condition but towns are congested with lots of motor cycles which often don’t obey road rules and may run red lights and weave in and out of traffic lanes. Mountain roads can be steep and winding and may deteriorate after bad weather. When driving on multi lane roads expect to be overtaken in any lane – check both mirrors before changing lanes.Drive defensively and expect the unexpected from other road users.

Taiwan Car Rental –
None of the big international companies seem to operate in Taiwan. There are however a number of local firms to choose from –

Taiwan Self Drive Rules
None of the companies above make reference to whether cars can be taken to mainland China. I would suggest asking the companies when you make the reservation. Most seem to say they have English language speakers so you shouldn’t need to send an email in Chinese!

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