Hong Kong

Hong Kong Driving Advice and Car Hire Info

Driving in Hong Kong-
There are some Cities where even a committed self driver should question the sense in renting a car. Hong Kong is one such place. It has excellent public transport, its small (Hong Kong Island measures less than 15 km in any direction),so there are no major distances to cover, but most of all, its often one big traffic jam. If you must rent a car, they drive on the left and roads are in good condition. There are many high quality multi-lane roads in Hong Kong, typically of 3 lanes in each direction. These are all well engineered to good standards with slip-roads of adequate length, and restricted to prevent slower types of road user gaining access. Signage and markings are all good with signs in English and Chinese. Drivers are generally courteous and abide by road rules .You shouldn’t have too many problems getting lost as you’ll probably be driving at around 10 MPH most of the time anyway!

Hong Kong Car Rental –
Hertz and Avis   have branches on Hong Kong. The island also seems to feature on the main broker sites such as Argus Car Hire

This seems to be the main local company –

Hong Kong Self Driving Rules-
Hertz say vehicles can’t be taken out of the country but don’t make clear whether that means Hong Kong or China. An International Driving permit is needed if your licence isn’t in English and you must have held a licence for 2 years.

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