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The research for this website was carried out mainly in 2011 and 2012. Therefore there is a good chance that much of the information may now be out of date. This is particularly true of countries in the developing world, especially Asia, Africa and parts of South America where conditions can change often. Also, the political climate in many countries has changed a lot in recent years. Therefore the information on this website should be treated with caution. You should always check with your Government’s website or the UK Foreign office travel advice website before finalising plans to drive abroad.

Driving In Croatia
Driving abroad in Croatia generally feels more akin to driving in Western Europe than its Eastern neighbour, Roads are usually in good condition, the standards of vehicle maintenance and driving are high and even Cities and large towns feel manageable. Staff at most rental companies will also speak good English. Some additional info on driving in Croatia -The drink driving limit is zero – so there must be no alcohol in your blood when driving, children under 12 can’t travel in the front seat (or the drivers seat!) and dipped headlights must be used at all time – a rule I found out to my cost in Croatia when I was stopped by the police!

(Aug 13- see updates below from site users – the drink drive limit is now 0.05{7f4422d59222ef42e86be9359b1bf1dbe011d48d1cfdf8d1c820b409fb7ac6f1}, and apparently dipped headlights are only needed in Winter, though it was June when the police stopped me, so beware!)

Croatia Car Rental –
Sixt, Hertz, Europcar, Alamo, National,Avis, Budget, Dollar, Thrifty, have outlets here. Also usually features on Car rental broker sites such as Argus Car Hire and Web discount sites such as or Expedia

These are Croatia based companies-

Croatia Self Driving Rules-
Cars will usually be able to cross international borders though there may be restrictions on taking certain high spec vehicles into Eastern Europe, particularly Albania. One way international rentals may be allowed for additional cost.


  1. bojan

    update – 11.08.2013. The lights must be on only during winter time period (when the clock is set on winter time). The drink driving limit is 0,5 ‰.

  2. Croatia: 0.05{7f4422d59222ef42e86be9359b1bf1dbe011d48d1cfdf8d1c820b409fb7ac6f1} drink driving limit.

  3. Driver Abroad

    Hi Bojan- I must have been stopped by a bad policeman then – It was June when he tried to fine me for having no lights on in the day!


  4. ivan

    Not necessarily. ..first the lights hade to be on all year but then they changed the law so now the lights have to be on only during the winter

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