Worlds Busiest Roads

Most Crowded World Roads

The data below, showing vehicle density per kilometre was collated when I set up in 2011/12 and despite spending some time trying to obtain updated data, I’ve been unable to. Vehicles per 100,000 population seems to have become a more popular analysis, but in terms of usefulness in gauging how busy a country’s roads will be, thats doesn’t really tell us much. It’s obvious that the figures below were collated before the huge uplift in car ownership in China and India. I’ve located some figures which show that cars per km of road in China increased from 177 in 2007 to 525 in 2017. India seems to have increased similarly, and Mumbai had 530 cars per KM of road in 2019. Therefore, whilst the countries below will have probably seen an increase in their numbers, it now seems highly likely that China and India have more vehicles per kilometre of road than any other nation.

Vehicles per KM of Road

Monaco: 370
Singapore: 207
Kuwait: 181
Israel: 122
Jordan: 101
Mauritius: 93
Italy: 81
Germany: 80
Bahrain: 77
UK 76
Malta: 74
Malaysia: 72
Mexico: 71
Portugal: 67
Poland: 66
Japan: 64


 Least Crowded World Roads

Vehicles per KM Of Road

Lithuania: 0.4
Guinea-Bissau: 1.0
Chad: 1.5
Mongolia: 2.0
Sierra Leone: 2.0
India: 3.0
Gambia 3.0
Ethiopia: 4.0
Niger: 4.0
Namibia: 4.0
Samoa: 4.6
Bolivia: 7.0
Botswana: 7.1
Vietnam: 7.2
Pakistan: 8.0



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