Grenada Driving Advice and Car Hire Info

Driving In Grenada
Driving Abroad in Grenada is on the left in right hand drive vehicles. Main roads are generally in good condition and can be surprisingly busy, but main roads will have a number of pot holes and be poorly lit, so should be avoided at night. Local drivers tend to be quite aggressive and will overtake recklessly so you should drive defensively and expect the unexpected at all times. Take particular care in wet weather when conditions on the roads will deteriorate rapidly.

Grenada Car Rental
Avis have a branch at the Shell station in St Georges. Sometimes on Car rental broker sites too but I would guess that will direct you back to Avis.

This is a good website which has links to numerous local rental company websites –

Grenada Self Driving Rules-
You’ll need to get a temporary local licence for $12. (Not an International Driving Permit) The car rental company will be able to arrange this.

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