Falkland Islands

Falkland Islands Driving Advice and Car Hire Info

Driving in The Falkland Islands-
You can rent a car using a UK Licence. I would guess other country’s photo licences are accepted but I’d check that when booking a vehicle. Roads in Stanley are sealed, as is some of the road between Mount Pleasant Airport and Stanley. There are around 200 miles of gravel roads on the Islands. Speed limits are 25 miles per hour in the Stanley area and 40 miles per hour on other roads. Because of the condition of most roads, and the strong winds, extreme care must be exercised when driving outside Stanley, especially on the airport road on which accidents are commonplace. My understanding is the companies mentioned above only rent 4WD vehicles and these will generally be required if you plan to drive outside Stanley.

Falkland Islands Car Rental
There are two companies listed on the link below who provide 4WD hire (Falkland Islands Company and Stanley Services)


Neither allow booking online so I suggest contacting them on the email addresses below –



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