Nauru Driving Advice and Car Hire Info

Nauru is a 21 square kilometres (8 square miles) oval-shaped island in the southwestern Pacific and is the Worlds smallest Republic . What little traffic there is drives on the left in Nauru. The main road circling the island is paved, but remaining roads are unpaved. Animals and pedestrians walking in the road may make night driving hazardous.There are no official car rental companies on the Island, but the Od’n Aiwo Hotel, one of only two on the Island, can arrange car rental from locals from around $50 per day (they advised me of this in Feb 2012). However, I understand you can cycle right round the Island in less than 2 hours so that may be a better option! Contact for the hotel –
Od’n Aiwo Hotel. P.O.Box 299. Aiwo District. Republic of Nauru, Central Pacific. Tel: (+674) 4443701. Fax: (+674) 4443816. E-Mail:

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