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Driving In Finland
Roads are generally in good condition and standards of driving are high. However driving abroad in Finland in winter months can be dangerous, especially if you aren’t used to icy conditions. Snow tyres are required December to February and engine heaters are strongly recommended. Your rental company will ensure your car is properly equipped to deal with likely conditions. All motor vehicles must use headlights at dusk, or in the fog or rain. Headlights must be used at all times outside built-up areas (indicated by a sign). Motorists in Finland should remain alert for elk and reindeer which frequently wander onto roads and are most active at dusk.

The Scandinavian countries are notoriously expensive destinations for food and drink (especially alcohol!). For that reason, many travellers opt for a campervan holiday. This saves on hotel costs and allows you to be self sufficient in terms of food and drink. The Scandinavian countries are perfect for campervan and caravan holidays as, away from main Cities, the roads are quiet and in good condition, and camp sites are plentiful and have good facilities.

Also, all the countries abide by whats known as ‘Everymans Law’. This varies by country but generally provides a ‘right to roam’ eg the opportunity to hike across or camp on another’s land , boating on someone else’s waters, and picking wildflowers, mushrooms and berries. However — with the rights come responsibilities; that is, an obligation neither to harm, disturb, litter, nor to damage wildlife or crops. In Finland, camping is allowed anywhere away from peoples homes, so you’re able to stop freely in rest areas, by lakes and rivers etc.

I’ve experienced a campervan holiday in Scandinavia myself, and booked my campervan using a broker located, strangely, in Australia. They were very good though and can be recommended –

This site offers some ideas for driving tours of Finland.

Tour Finland by Car

Finland Car Rental –
Sixt, Hertz, Europcar, Alamo, National,Avis, Budget, have outlets here. Also usually features on Car rental broker sites such as Argus Car Hire and Web discount sites such as

Local rental companies are

Finland Self Driving Rules-
Cross border rentals are generally allowed though if travelling to the Baltic States you may need to request this in advance. International one way rentals are possible to Scandinavian countries for a (generally high) additional fee.

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