Should I drive abroad?

Should you be a DriverAbroad?

In my opinion, driving abroad is always a scarier proposition before you go than when you’re actually doing the driving, and that includes driving in some pretty scary places in Africa and Asia. Having said that, if you hate driving at home and become a nervous wreck on your weekly trip to the supermarket, it’s probably best to leave the driving abroad to someone else. No point ruining your trip if you’re one of those people who goes to pieces behind the wheel. But if you’re a confident driver and , important point, you can change your mindset and accept that you can’t drive exactly as you do at home, then the world of the Driver Abroad is open to you. And in my opinion, its a world of limitless opportunity and experiences that you simply can’t get in a group or even with a paid local driver.

In order to make the right decision you need some good driving advice for the country you’ll be visiting –what will the road conditions be like? Will the standard of driving be poor? Obviously standards of driving and roads will vary hugely across the world and my ‘Countries’ pages should give you a good idea of what to expect, wherever in the world you’re heading.

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