Azerbaijan Driving Advice and Car Hire Info

The research for this website was carried out mainly in 2011 and 2012. Therefore there is a good chance that much of the information may now be out of date. This is particularly true of countries in the developing world, especially Asia, Africa and parts of South America where conditions can change often. Also, the political climate in many countries has changed a lot in recent years. Therefore the information on this website should be treated with caution. You should always check with your Government’s website or the UK Foreign office travel advice website before finalising plans to drive abroad.

Driving In Azerbaijan
The drink driving limit is zero – so there must be no alcohol in your blood when driving .Take care when driving abroad in Azerbaijan, particularly at night. Roads can be of a poor standard, particularly in rural areas and are not well lit . The State Road M-1 and the European route E60 are the two main motorway connections between Europe and Azerbaijan. The motorway network and main roads around Baku are well developed, roads are generally in good condition and are maintained to a reasonable standard.

Driving standards aren’t good-expect the unexpected.Outside Baku, petrol stations are few and far between so make sure you fill up whenever possible and carry spare fuel in a can if needed.The Uk Foreign Office advise against travel to Nagorno-Karabakh and the military occupied area surrounding it. Its probably a good idea to check your government’s website before setting off to identify any current risks or threats.

Azerbaijan Car Rental –
Hertz , Europcar  and Avis have branches in Baku .

These are Azerbaijani travel agents who can arrange car rental –

This company also seem to rent cars but the English on their website leaves a lot to be desired so I’d treat as a last resort if one of the big companies or one of the tour companies above can’t provide a car –

Azerbaijan Self Driving Rules-
I was unable to find anything specific on any of the major company websites. I suggest making contact with Europcar or Hertz first and then trying one of the local companies if they are prohibitively expensive.

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