Tonga Driving Advice and Car Hire Info

Driving in Tonga
You can obtain a local visitor’s driving licence on the production of your home country’s driving licence from the following locations. In Tongatapu The Ministry of Transport is located at the Dupincia Lodge, Ma’ufanga (next door to ‘Apifo’ou College and opposite Kuini Salote Wharf). They will issue a local driver’s license, provided you show your national driver’s license, at a cost of about TOP$60. In Vava’u. You will need to visit the Police Station on Tu’i Road. The station is open from 8.30am-4.30pm Monday to Tuesday, and 8.30am-12.30pm Wednesday to Friday.If you ask the rental company when you make the reservation they may be able to help with the local licence before you arrive.Tonga drives on the left hand side of the road. Roads in Nuku’alofa are paved and are generally in Okay condition with some scattered pot holes. Roads outside the main town and on other Islands are usually non paved and may deteriorate after rain. Smaller roads will be unlit and animals and pedestrians walking in the road make night driving hazardous. There are no traffic lights in country; drivers are required to stop at all roundabouts and allow vehicles on the right side to proceed.

Tonga Car Rental –
Avis are the only international firm operating in Tonga and have a branch in Nuko alofa

Some more local companies who rent cars on Tongatapu are below. Most only seem to have email addresses rather than websites.

Fab Rentals-
Jones Rentals-
New Millennium –
Pasifika Rentals – (also have a branch on Vava’u)
Jetsave Rentals –

Tonga Self Drive Rules-
None of the companies make reference to whether cars can be taken between Islands so I’d ask that at the time of booking if you plan to drive on different Islands.

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