Dominica Driving Advice and Car Hire Info

Driving In Dominica
Driving Abroad in Dominica is on the left like UK though many cars are left hand drive which makes overtaking difficult. You should check with the rental company and ask if they have right hand drive vehicles.You’ll need a local licence to rent a car, available from the Vehicle Licensing Office on the High Street in Roseau or your rental company should also be able to arrange this. It costs EC$30 (US$12) and is valid for one month. Most roads are paved but driving can be difficult due to blind corners, and poor road surfaces. Speed limits are posted in kilometres but aren’t enforced in rural areas, so you should take extra care. Outside of the capital and larger towns roads are unlit, so driving at night can be extremely hazardous. The main road from Melville Hall airport is prone to landslides following bad weather and has a number of sheer drops where the road has fallen away, so exercise caution after rain Pedestrians walk on the roads because of a lack of pavements so represent an additional hazard. Dominica is just 30 miles long and 15 miles wide, and has few roads so you should never get lost!

Dominica Car Rental –
Avis have an outlet in Roseau and seem to be the only major company covering Dominica. Minimum Rental age is 25.

Local companies in Roseau are-

This company has branches in Canefield, Marigot and Portsmouth

A Local Company in Goodwill-

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