International driving permit

International Driving Permits (IDP) and Driving Licences

The International Driving Permit/International Driving Licence/IDP is a grey booklet, a bit like a passport, which allows you to drive in a foreign country with your own national photo licence. (If you don’t have a photo ID licence I’d advise getting one- you may have problems renting a car with only a paper licence).

The document is about the same size as a standard passport and is essentially a multiple language (usually English, French, Spanish, Russian, Chinese, German, Arabic, Italian). translation of the permit-holder’s normal driver’s license, and includes a photograph and stamp from the issuing office. It is not a license to operate a motor vehicle on its own.

International Driving Permits are governed by three international conventions: the 1926 Paris International Convention relative to Motor Traffic, the 1949 Geneva Convention on Road Traffic, and the 1968 Vienna Convention on Road Traffic. The differences between the permits are complex but from a user’s point of view, the 1968 convention permit is valid for 3 years after the issue date. The previous two versions are only valid for one year. When you apply for an IDP it’s likely the outlet you obtain it from will ask which country(s) you’re visiting and will advise accordingly on which permit you need.

In Summary though – Only Iraq, Somalia and Brazil require a 1926 convention permit, though Lichtenstein and Mexico also recognise it. All remaining countries recognise the 1949 convention and of those, 72 also recognise the 1968 convention.

The UK Post Office offer an online checker to advise which permit, if any, you will require, though if your trip will cover more than one country, you’ll need to advise them of that when applying for the IDP in person.

IDP Country Checker

There has been much speculation in the UK press that British drivers will need an IDP to drive in Europe from 1 Jan 2021. As at the time of writing (March 2020) the situation is still unclear. It may be that an IDP and insurance green card is needed for some countries, but its equally as likely that a reciprocal agreement with EU Nations mean one isn’t required. The UK Foreign office have set up an email alert system to receive the most up to date information-

The IDP is available from a variety of sources –

In the UK, from the AA, RAC and larger post offices.

In the USA, from the American Automobile Association and the American Automobile Touring Alliance’s National Automobile Club

In Canada,from the Canadian Automobile Association.

In Australia from the Automobile Association of your home state

In most other countries, the IDP is available from the national Automobile association or Automobile or touring club

The IDP Costs $5.50 in UK, $15 in USA. In Europe the cost is usually around 10 Euros.

The IDP can usually can only be applied for up to 3 months before your date of travel.

The main benefit of the IDP is to overcome language difficulties, particularly if your home country licence is written in a different alphabet to the country you’re visiting. Many of the ‘official’ rules above seem to be ignored in many countries. If you’re using a local car rental company, my suggestion would be to ask them whether you really need an IDP. If you use one of the big multinationals or a brokers site, unless you manage to get the email address of the actual supplier, its unlikely you’ll be able to find this out. In my experience, given the low cost of an IDP its generally wise to obtain one before you travel if you don’t speak the language or if you’re visiting a country where you’re likely to be stopped often by the police/army (Eastern Europe/Africa/Asia).


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  5. yasin

    Dear sir/madam,

    I am Mohammad Yasin Arafat. I am from Bangladesh and last week I got Australian student visa. so that i have bangladeshi original driver license which publish from BRTC and now I would like to know, Is this beneficiary in Australia for driving or driving license?

    Where i can get enough information about International license?

    Best regrets,


  6. Driver Abroad

    Hi Mohammed

    I don’t believe you need an IDP to drive in Australia but you do need to get your Bangladesh licence verified.

    This is from the Bangaldesh Commission site –

    Verification of Bangladesh Driving License (No fee is charged)

    Please note that the High Commission needs to verify the authenticity of driving license with the issuing authority in Bangladesh. The verification process generally takes two/three months. Upon receipt of a positive response from the issuing authority in Bangladesh, the High Commission can issue a certificate in this regard. Please send the following documents to the High Commission for verification of Bangladesh Driving License:

    Copy of both sides of Bangladesh Driving License.
    Copy of first seven pages of valid Bangladesh Passport.
    Self-addressed pre-paid registered return envelope or pre-paid return courier.

    I’d suggest asking their advice on whats needed.

    Good luck!

  7. Shirish Agarwal


    I am Shirish Agarwal, your website is very informative and useful. I am planning a Road Trip from Delhi in India to Hamburg in Germany driving through Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iran, Turkey, Bulgaria Serbia, Croatia Austria and finally reaching Germany.

    Please advise if you know what all permits are required from different Embassies to Drive my own Car from India to Europe and Back.

    I really look forward to your answers.

    Regards Shirish

  8. Driver Abroad

    Hi Shirish

    Have you checked my page on driving your own vehicle abroad –

    Hopefully you will find some useful information there!

    Good luck and I’d be interested to hear how you get on -perhaps send me some Roadtrip Tales of your adventures!


  9. tom rambara

    Hi l have international driving permit from Kenya and l want to drive in Germany. Please some body help

  10. ishwor gurung

    i am from nepal…i want to get this IDP,,i dont know how to get this out,,,i am in potugal now,,can you help me to get this IDP,,,i want to get european international license so i want to know how i can get this,,,,need a help,,

  11. Driver Abroad

    Hello Ishwor -I would suggest you visit the Post Office in Portugal and ask them. It may be that if you’ve passed your driving test in Nepal they require you to set an additional test to get an IDP which gives you full authority to drive in Europe, but if you ask them they will be able to advise.

    Good Luck


  12. jenn

    Do I need an IDP if I have a Cayman Islands Drivers License?

  13. jenn

    Sorry – that IDP question was for if I am driving in Italy, do I need an IDP if I also carry a Cayman Islands driving license. Thank you.

  14. Driver Abroad

    Hi Jenn

    My understanding is that most of the bigger car rental companies will require an IDP for drivers from non EU Countries. With smaller companies, they may not ask for it if your own countries licence is written in Roman alphabet, which yours obviously will be. However, you may find that you leave yourself open to a fine, official or otherwise, if you get stopped by the police and don’t have an IDP. My advice would be to get one before you travel.


  15. Cristian


    I have a spanish driving license and I will go to Canada. Does anybody know if I need and IDP? According to the list it is “recommended”…

    Any experience?


  16. Driver Abroad

    Hi Christian- the rules in Canada vary by state so it depends where you’re going. This website gives some useful info the rules and regulations in force through the country –

  17. Cristian

    Apparently there is no info for the province I am going to, Yukon 🙁

    Thanks anyway!

  18. Anwar

    hiiii… I am anwar ali from India but currently i am staying in Seychelles and i want to make a driving licence from Seychelles before that i want to know whether i can use this driving licence in India permanently in future or not? or what would be next process to change my driving licence in India ?

    Thanks & Regards

  19. Driver Abroad

    Hi Anwar
    So you’re an Indian citizen want to take a driving test and get a licence in the Seychelles then use the licence in India? I’m not entirely certain on the rules around that, but generally most countries only allow you to drive on a foreign licence for a limited period of time. You then need to take a test in that country. It may be worth asking the Indian Embassy in the the Seychelles for advice on the definite rules.

    Good luck


  20. Pravin S

    Hi Matthew,

    I am an Indian citizen, planning to visit Australia next month. I am planning on driving in Australia. I am trying to get my IDP done, but there are chances that it will not come through (a mix of red tape and corruption) in time for my travel.

    What are my chances of being able to drive in Australia for a week, with my Indian DL (card with everything written in English)?


  21. Driver Abroad

    Hi Pravin

    I think you’re OK in most states for up to 3 mths as long as your licence is written in English – this is from the New South Wales traffic authority website –
    As a temporary overseas visitor, if you hold a current driver licence from another country, you are allowed to drive in NSW on your overseas licence as long as:

    You remain a temporary overseas visitor
    Your overseas licence remains current
    You have not been disqualified from driving in NSW or elsewhere and
    You have not had your licence suspended or cancelled or your visiting driver privileges withdrawn.

    You are not required to obtain a NSW licence if you comply with these conditions and can continue to prove your genuine visitor status to NSW Police if required.

    Full details by state can be found here –

    If you are going to be renting a car though I would suggest you get clarification from the rental company before you leave. They may have different rules to the state law.

    Good luck


  22. Joao Toscano

    Hi there!

    I am planning for a trip in the middle of June to US-Canada and i am thinking to rent a car in NY and from there drive to Canada. Beside i do have a valid European Licence drive i also request IDL and the ESTA form. My question is that is legal or do i need to get any other permit so that i can use a rental car when i am driving from US to Canada and back around with a portuguese license drive?

    Looking forward to read from you.

    Best regards,

  23. Driver Abroad

    Hi Joao

    Check with the rental company to make sure but you should be fine driving with a European photo ID licence for up to one year. The only countries which are an exception to that are those which are not party to the 1949 Geneva Convention on Road Traffic – see list on my IDP Page. If your licence isn’t written in English, its wise to carry an IDP too but thats not a legal requirement.

    Safe travels


  24. Rio


    I just wanna ask if the IDP from the philippines is honored here in Bahrain.

  25. Driver Abroad

    Most countries allow foreign visitors to drive for up to one year on an IDP or their own countries photo licence Rio. I’m not aware of that being different in Bahrain. Maybe check with the Philippines embassy in Bahrain just to be 100{7f4422d59222ef42e86be9359b1bf1dbe011d48d1cfdf8d1c820b409fb7ac6f1} certain. Please let me know if you find that Bahrain has different rules too!


  26. Following website has procedures from around the world.

    website :

  27. Varsha

    I am Indian citizen, but residing in USA and I have USA driver licence, I am planning to visit India for couple of months, can I drive the car with USA licence, if not what should I do.

    Thanks for your information.!

  28. Gautam Nakhwa

    I am an Indian staying in Sâo Paulo, Brazil with a IDP issued by Indian Govt from Mumbai valid for one year. Its a 1949 Geneva convention.
    Need to know if, this IDP is permitted to drive in Brazil.

  29. Sundy

    Hi Matthew,

    If I only have an IDP from Philippines and no photo ID license would I be able to legally drive a car in Australia (WA) ?



  30. Driver Abroad

    Hi Varsha
    As far as I know, you will need an international driving permit obtained in USA using the USA licence and that will enable you to drive in India. In this case, I don’t think the fact that you’re an Indian citizen should have any bearing on the driving licence.


  31. Driver Abroad

    Hello Gautam

    To drive in Brazil you need a 1926 convention IDP and thats the one you should have had issued in India. Having said that, I’ve driven in Brazil without being asked for an IDP (though I wasn’t stopped by the police). If you already have the IDP and are planning to rent a car, I suggest checking with the rental company. Many may not even ask to see the IDP.


  32. Driver Abroad

    Hi Sundy
    The published info states -If you are just visiting Western Australia (WA) you can drive on your current overseas licence. (It makes no reference to needing a photo ID licence but if you don’t ahve one I think an IDP with a photo is a good idea). It also states –
    Do you need to provide verification of your overseas driver’s licence?
    If you hold a drivers licence issued in Bangladesh, India, Indonesia,or Pakistan you are required to:

    Obtain a ‘letter of verification’ from the relevant High Commission / Consulate regarding the authenticity of the driver’s licence; and
    Contact the High Commission / Consulate to ensure that they have forwarded details of the ‘letter of verification’ to Licensing and Compliance Services before you attend a Driver and Vehicle Services (DVS) Centre or regional DVS Agent.
    Please refer to the list of consulate contacts below.

    If your driving licence is from the Republic of Ireland you do not need to obtain a verification letter from the Consulate. The Department of Transport will contact the Road Safety Authority in Ireland on your behalf to verify your licence details.

    Hope that helps


  33. Arvind

    Hi Mathew,

    I am a citizen and permanent resident of India with my License Issue from India. I am traveling to Czech Republic for a period of 15 days. Do I need to get an IDP for driving in Czech or my existing Driving License will work there. The license is of card type issued in English Language.

    Thanks & Regards,
    Arvind Rishi

  34. Driver Abroad

    Hello Arvind

    Yes you will need an IDP which you should carry along with your own country’s licence. EU citizens can drive using only their own licence, but if you’re not from the EU will need an IDP.


  35. hiba

    we will immigrate soon to Canada (Quebec or/Ottawa) from Lebanon, my husband have a Lebanese driver license as a heavy weight machines driver (over 10 tonnes) as he works as a Mechanic supervisor for hydrolic and diesel machines, and he holds a motorcycle and passenger car Lebanese driver license so the question is : if he made an IDP what can he drive in Canada and for how long? and how long it will take him to have the same driver license as the Lebanese ones? thxxxxx 🙂

  36. Driver Abroad

    Hello Hiba

    The rules in Canada vary by state but most states allow you to drive on your own country’s licence for up to 90 days. This website should help -

    Hope you get it sorted and enjoy your time in Canada


  37. vikas

    Hi Admin,
    I am Indian citizen living in Germany since last 20 months. I have valid Indian Car Driving License with valid IDP. But here, in Germany its rule that, foreigner can’t drive car in Germany after initial 6 months from entry into EU.
    But now I’m planning for road trip in Belgium, Netherlands & Italy.
    So, can I drive car in these countries after living for 20 months in EU?

  38. Driver Abroad

    Hello Vikas

    Most EU Countries allow foreign visitors to drive on their own countries licence for a limited period (usually 6 mths to one year). My understanding is that, although you live in Germany, you will still be classed as an Indian Citizen so can drive as a visitor in each country for that limited period. If you don’t have a photo ID licence or one written in the language of the country you’ll be visiting, it is advisable to also take an IDP with you.


  39. mnmhema

    I am an Indian, visiting Denmark for 2 weeks. I have a driving license. Can I use it to drive the car in Denmark too?

  40. Driver Abroad


    You can drive in Denmark on your Indian Licence for up to 6 months. If your licence is not a photo ID or isnt written in English or Danish it would be advisable to also carry an IDP which you should acquire in India before you set off. Hope that helps



    I plan to drive from India by motor cycle through all the countries starting from from Pakistan to Afghanistan…
    Which are the documents that I should carry and what type of driving permits and CPD. I have an Indian driving licence for motor cycle and car.

  42. Driver Abroad

    Hi Martin- check out my page on driving your own vehicle abroad

    Also this site has a lot of useful info regarding international travel by motorbike -

    Good luck!


  43. steve selter

    I am travelling to Lebanon and will be taking a International driving permit. It says at M: it must be certified by the local authorities on arrival. Is this done at the airport by customs or is there some other process?

    Thanks for any help in advance

  44. aayam

    I am visiting USA in New York, I have driving license from Nepal can you please tell me how can I get a driving permit in New York from my Nepal license

  45. Driver Abroad

    I was intrigued by this one Steve as I’ve driven in Lebanon on an IDP and never got it certified. I’ve looked into it and this seems reliable –

    Any foreigner is allowed to drive a vehicle in Lebanon , provided that he is in possession of either of the following licenses :

    – An international driving license for the categories of vehicles specified in the said license . (IDP)
    – A driving license of the specimen figuring on the 9th annex of the International Convention on the Roads Transportations concluded in Geneva on 19-SEPT-1949.
    – A driving licence issued by his country of origin (checked and paraphed ) by the “Vehicle Service” Registration Office in Lebanon and that only when the foreigner is on vacation or on a touristic visit in Lebanon . (THIS SOUNDS TO BE THE VALIDATION YOU MENTION)
    – A driving licence issued by his country of origin when this country and Lebanon are bound with a special treaty such as : Jordan – Syria – Saudi Arabia – Iraq – The United Arab Emirates etc…

    However , it is noted that the International driving licence , as well as the driving licence figuring on the 9th annex of the international convention on Roads Transportations could be exchanged into a Lebanese driving licence .

    In general you can drive for the categories of vehicles mentioned in the IDP and once your IDP is expired you can produce your Original License (issued in your home country) and get a Lebanese license from “Vehicle Service Registration office ” in Lebanon, (near “Dekouane” in Beirut) This license will be valid for six months and can be renewed after the expiry.

    Hope that helps


  46. Driver Abroad

    Hello Aayam-if your licence is in English language you will be Ok to drive in New York State-if its not its best to get an IDP before you travel. There is more info on the site on rules for Foreign visitors wanting to drive in NY

    And the same info for other American states via this link


  47. shaker

    I am Afghanistan citizen living in Germany since last 14 months. I have valid car driving license with valid IDP. But here, in Germany it’s rule that, forginer can’t drive car in Germany after intial 6 months in from entry into EU.
    But now I am planning for road driving in Germany.
    So can I drive car in this country after living for 14 months in Germany

  48. Driver Abroad

    Hi Shaker

    As you say, you can only drive on your own licence for 6 months, After than I guess you may need to take German driving test. Heres what it says on this site -

    If you hold a driving licence from a state that is not a member of the EU or the EEA, this licence will be valid for six months after you have established your normal residence in the Federal Republic of Germany. After this period, your driving licence will no longer be recognized.

    If you wish to continue driving or riding a vehicle on domestic roads, you will then require a driving licence issued in the Federal Republic of Germany. The conditions governing the issuing of a German driving licence vary depending on which country you obtained your licence in. For more information on how to obtain a German driving licence, and the conditions that have to be met, you should contact your local driver licensing authority in good time. In exceptional cases, the driver licensing authority may, upon request, extend the deadline by up to six months if you can prove to their satisfaction that you will not have your normal residence in the Federal Republic of Germany for longer than 12 months.

    Therefore sounds like you need to contact the licencing authority in the town you live in in Germany


  49. Driver Abroad

    Sorry for the delay in replying – just noticed your question! Heres the answer from the Australian Government website-
    Using your overseas driver’s licence in Western Australia
    If you are a visitor to Western Australia (WA), you may drive only those vehicles that you are authorised to drive on your overseas licence, for as long as it remains valid in the country of issue. If your overseas licence ceases to be valid, you must apply for a WA licence if you wish to continue driving.

    If you hold a permanent resident visa, you can drive on your overseas licence until you have resided in WA for 3 months. After this time you will need to apply for a WA driver’s licence.

    To be able to drive on WA roads with your overseas driver’s licence (and International Driving Permit, if applicable), you must:

    Carry your licence (and International Driving Permit, if applicable) with you at all times while driving and show it to a police officer if asked to do so.
    Comply with any other conditions of your licence.
    Drive only those vehicles that you are authorised to drive.
    Hold a current licence that is not suspended or cancelled (you cannot drive on your overseas licence if you are disqualified from driving or your driving privileges are withdrawn).

    If your overseas licence is not in English, you must carry an International Driving Permit or an approved English translation of your licence (if you have either of these) with you when you drive. For information on translation services please refer to our web page on other languages.

    If your overseas licence ceases to be valid, or expires during your visit, you must apply for a WA licence. Refer to Apply for a WA driver’s licence for information on what steps you need to take to continue to drive in WA.

  50. Hi there,

    I am Ali and I am residing in Oman for nearly a year. Originally, I am from Uzbekistan and I passionately would like to drive in Oman. My Uzbek driving license here in this country can not be verified, so I wonder whether I can drive here in Oman with an International Driving License which is issued in Ukraine. I could not find any information here and could not ask about it to anyone, bearing a doubt that it won’t be accepted here. You might know international traffic and road legalities better than anyone else so would you please kindly inform me about my case?! If an IDL is valid here, how long would it keep its validity?!

    Thank you very much in advance.


  51. Driver Abroad

    Hello Ali

    Thats an interesting question! As far as a I know you are able to drive in Oman for 3 months with your own licence plus an IDP/IDL -which is usually issued in your own country. I’m not sure whether an IDP issued in Ukraine would be valid with your Uzbek licence. Thats somewhat irrelevant anyway as if you’re resident in Oman you need to get an Omani licence. How you get that depends on which country you passed your test in, and how long you have had a licence. For some countries you can get a licence without taking a test if you’ve had your licence for over a year. For others you will need to take a test. The best place to check is the Uzbek embassy (or nearest other country embassy you could use) and they should be able to advise

    If you need a test, here is a useful links with tips on what to expect –

    Good luck!


  52. Thank you very much Matthew! You have been really helpful!

  53. jegan

    i have a sri lankan valid driving licence, now i am living in german, but can convert in german this licence.

  54. Driver Abroad

    Hello Jegan- you can drive using your own licence plus IDP in Germany for six months after settling in the country. And if you’re certain you’ll stay for less than a year, you can petition at your local Führerscheinstelle to extend that period to cover your stay. Just bring a certified translation of your home license and proof of your intended length of residency; like a plane ticket, or a work contract.
    If you intend to stay for longer than a year you will need a full German licence. For some countries, transferring your home licence to a german one is easy, for others its more difficult and you may need to take a full driving test. See the site below for details –

    Good luck


  55. Salinkov salah

    Hello , !
    Please , i have an Algerian driving licence , im Algeian and soon i will be moving to study in Russia , i just wanna know if i can drive with my Algerian licence there ???!!! As in this list, near Russian federation there’s nothing written …. Please please relpy to me please

  56. ABDUL

    I have a Bangladeshi driving licence, I am living in UK moor then 12 month.Can i drive here with the Bangladeshi driving licence? I don’t have IDP.

  57. Driver Abroad

    Hello Salinov

    Foreigners can drive on either an IDP plus their own licence for up to 6 months. However, If you belong to a country which hasn’t signed the 1968 convention on Road traffic, List on this link ( then you will need to get your licence translated into Russian and certified by the local traffic authorities.

    Foreigners intending to stay in Russia for longer than six months must obtain a Russian driving licence and depending which country you come from, you may need to take a Russian driving test.

    Hope that helps


  58. Driver Abroad

    Hello Abdul -heres a useful link to use which will tell you what licence you need to drive in UK Generally you can drive on your own licence for up to 12 mths from your last entry into the UK, after which time you will need to apply for a UK licence.


  59. paul owusu afriyie

    am ghana and move to settle in uk now am having international driving licence B can i drive wit my licence in uk and what types of cars can i drive ?

  60. Driver Abroad

    Paul -you can drive for up to 12 months in UK on your own licence,l’d be able to drive any class of vehicle that your licence covers in Ghana.This tool should help


  61. Ahmed

    Hi Thanks for this post, I was wondering I drive in canada and Australia with saudi license, I mean I get international license from saudi arabia.
    Also If I’m not mistaken it seems that I should get international license from the country I will be driving in, Ain’t it suppose to given from the country I’m coming from?
    Thank you.

  62. Driver Abroad

    Ahmed- the exact rules vary by state in both countries but if you have a photo ID in English you should be OK to drive on that for up to 3 months (longer in most states). If its not in English, or not photo ID then you need to get an IDP before you leave Saudi Arabia.


  63. Taha

    Hello Metthew,

    You put an amazing effort to sort out many licence related problems for the people around the world, really aspiring. Well i am from Pakistan and planning to visit to UK on a visitor Visa and also got a schengen visa, My sister is British national and got a car to her name, can i take her car from London to France, Germany and Spain rather then renting a car? I can arrange her authority letter for using her car and got a Valid Pakistan driving licence which is in English and got a Photo ID. Do i need driver insurance or any other documents (IDP). General Traveling insurance is already in place.
    Thank You

  64. shouvkkathali paravatty

    Hi showkathali from kerala Sir iam working in saudi arabia by working visa >90 days visiting visa Ineed international driving permit so how can do it ? i will come for visa renewal on October last But i cannot stay over 30 days Between 30 days i can able to make it please give me a suggestion

  65. Driver Abroad

    Hello Taha
    I think there are two things here-
    1. Driving in Europe on your Pakistan licence- that should be ok as a visitor for a limited period -usually 3 -12 months depending on the country you visit. I would also advise getting an IDP to be on the safe side.
    2. Taking your sisters car abroad from UK – That should be fine too. Make sure you are covered on the insurance in UK, then look at my advice on taking your own car abroad –

    Good luck with your trip


  66. Driver Abroad

    So you’re an Indian National working in Saudi and need an IDP to drive there? You would need to get the IDP in India, ideally before you travel. If you’re already in Saudi that may be more difficult and I would suggest you get someone back in Kerala to check if they can do that on your behalf then send the IDP to you.


  67. Harsh Desai

    Hi i live in tanzania and have a tanzanian driving linces
    But will be travling to india so i need a international driving linces so how do i get it pl advice

  68. Hello,
    I am planning to hire and car in UK as I am here on a short visit.
    I have full indian drivers Licsence so can and forgot to bring my IDP
    SO still can I drive a car can any one please suggest me where to hire or
    Book a car….

  69. Driver Abroad

    Hi Harsh- contact the Automobile association of Tanzania- they will be able to advise you.


  70. Driver Abroad

    Hello Amit

    You should be OK to drive on your own licence for a period if its in English language – use this tool to check specific rules per country –

    Where to rent a car? check out my pages on driving in UK or England- plenty of options there!


  71. Arunan

    I am Arunan.I have a valid Sri Lankan driving licence.Do I need IDP to drive in Malaysia/Singapore.Please leave me a reply early as i travel soon.Thanks in advance

  72. Driver Abroad

    Arunan – You are allowed to drive oin Malaysia with youir own licence plus an IDP for up to 3 months, after which time you must get a Malaysian Licence. The exception is if you have a valid driver’s license from any country in the Association of South East Asian Nations (ASEAN). If thats the case you can drive on your own licence without ISP.


  73. Jugurtha

    Dear Sir

    I am from Algeria living in czech republic as student for over a year now.
    I hold Algerian driving licence with IDP issued in Algeria.
    So I want to know if I can drive with it in czech republic or no, and even If I can to exchange it ,where .

    thank you

  74. Driver Abroad

    Hi Jugurtha
    Visitors from EU Member states can drive on their own licence in Czech Republic. For other countries, including Algeria, you need your own licence plus and IDP issued in Algeria. Generally that enables you to drive in a country for a limitd period-I can’t seem to find the details for Czech republic anywhere but its usually 12 months from arriving in the country. After that you would need to apply for a Czech licence and take a test. I suggest you contact a local driving school and ask them for some advice.


  75. raju

    hi, this is raju from Nepal. With Nepali driving licence can i drive a car in U.S

  76. Driver Abroad

    There are state specific rules Raju and you need an IDP. This link should help-


  77. Vaibhav

    I am from India and currently in Florida for vacations. I got internationa driving permit from the Tranport Authority in Delhi based on my Indian Driving license.
    Upon arriving here I went to DMV to confirm whether its fine for me to drive with it and initialy the peole at DMV were little confused and then they said its better if I get USA driving license(Florida License) to be sure its legal to drive. Now I am not getting what to do, DMV people recommends to go for USA license as they looke little unsure. Is it true that Indian IDP isnt any good in US.

  78. Raj

    Hello Admin,
    Iam an indian working in Uganda. i have an indian driving license. recently i got a new offer in Oman, but they are asking for valid GCC. please let me know, is there any possibility to get a valid oman driving license from uganda.

    please help me with your concern reply.

    Thanking You.

  79. Tk.Kanni

    My boss from german and he is in india now and he have valid IDP issued by German(Valid Till 2016)Is it possible, has he can drive here for the same license?

  80. Driver Abroad


    You should be able to drive on your own licence plus IDP for a limited period-that period depends on the US State. When I checked the Florida State driver authroity website though, I couldnt find anything mentioning this.There is a story here from April which says that a law meaning IDP was mandatory has been repealed.

    Everything else I can find indicates that you CAN drive for an initial period on your Indian licance plus IDP, so not sure why they have said you can’t.

    Sorry I couldnt be of more assistance


  81. Driver Abroad

    Raj- do you mean can you take a GCC driving test in Uganda? I’m not sure of that but would think iys unlikely.


  82. Driver Abroad

    Yes he can drive in India with his own photo ID licence plus IDP.


  83. Zubair Ahmad

    I am a Indian in Ukraine, I have a Indian driving license but i don`t have a IDP and so i can`t drive my car here. Can you please advise me on how to get a IDP in ukraine.

  84. Ala

    Hi, I have a Bangladeshi DL. Can I use it in Nepal? What do I need to do for that? Thanks.

  85. Driver Abroad

    Hello Ala- yes you should be Ok to drive with your licence plus an IDP for a limited period. You need to get the IDP in Bangladesj before you depart.

  86. Rishabh Kohli

    hey i am an indian with a valid driving license of delhi ……and i am currently a student in Armenia ,yerevan and i want to drive here …….what is the procedure to get an international driving permit in Armenia???? and can i apply for a local armenian driving license …..please help …..
    Rishabh Kohli

  87. Driver Abroad

    Rishabh – you can only get an international driving permit in your own country and you do need an IDP plus your own licence to drive in Armenia. In my experience, the police are quite strict there and stop a lot of drivers so I wouldnt recommend driving without the correct paperwork. I think your best option would be to either get an IDP if you return to India or see if you can get one by post.

    Good lcuk


  88. Adam


    I am a British national and have a driving licence. I am visiting Nepal this November 2013. Do I need IDP?

    I’ll be staying in the country for about 33 days.


  89. oke long can i use my IDP in an EU country e.g denmark….im bassically from nigeria….

  90. Driver Abroad

    My understanding Adam is that you need an IDP plus your own licence. Thats valid for 15 days after which time you need to apply for a temporary Nepalese licence.


  91. Vijayan

    I am indian and holding Indian Driving license, I need to travel to saudi for two months. If i take Internation Driving License in India, will it be valid To hire and drive a vechile in saudi. Kindly conform

  92. Ruslan Gurbanov


    I have a question regarding driving in USA with Azerbaijan driver licence. Since I am in USA with visitor visa, I am not eligible to apply for USA driving licence. So, is it legal to drive in USA with Azerbaijani driving licence or should I get IDP?

  93. sagar

    Hi ,

    I am currently in a situation where i apparently did not know abt the IDP thing before coming to germany from India , So now i am here , and i dont know when i shall go back i have my indian licence with me , by any chance can i get an IDP here ? Getting a german licence is a very expensive thing , so i am thinking how to go about this please suggest, Thank you.

  94. adeel

    Hi.I m.from Pakistan.I want to know that whether my international driving license can b converted into Italian driving license??? Or on the basis of this international driving license ,can I get Italian driving license??? Or I have to give the driving exam there in Italy???

  95. Driver Abroad

    Yes Vijayan- if you get an IDP you should be able to drive for up to 3 months after which time you would need a Saudi licence (assuming you’re a man- if a woman you won’t be allowed to drive at all)


  96. Driver Abroad

    Sagar -unfortunately you can only get an IDP in the country in which your own licence originates.
    Some useful info here on converting to a German licence

  97. Driver Abroad

    Adeel -this site is the Italian Department of transport site –

    That says -I conducenti con patente o permesso internazionale rilasciati da uno Stato estero non appartenente alla CE possono guidare in Italia veicoli per i quali è valida la loro patente (o il permesso) purché non siano residenti in Italia da oltre un anno. Se la patente, o il permesso, non sono conformi a modelli stabiliti in convenzioni internazionali cui abbia aderito anche l’Italia, devono essere accompagnati da una traduzione ufficiale in lingua italiana o da documento equivalente.

    Translation: Drivers with licenses or international permits from a foreign country not of the EU may drive a vehicle for as long as their home license is valid as long as they have not been residents of Italy for more than a year. If the license or permit does not conform to the international conventions* as does Italy, you must have an official translation into Italian or an equivalent document (IDP)

    Hope that helps

  98. Driver Abroad

    Anyone relocating to Denmark on a temporary or permanent basis with a non-EU/EEA driving licence is required to exchange their licence for a Danish one in order to drive in Denmark. This must be done no later than 14 days after a Danish CPR (personal identification number) has been issued.

    It is illegal to drive on a non-EU/EEA driving licence once gaining temporary or permanent residence (and being issued with a CPR number) in Denmark. Failure to exchange the licence within this timeframe incurs a fine.

  99. where i can apply IDP at bangladesh. i need the address and the application form please

  100. Driver Abroad

    Application procedure follows….

    Collect Application form from . . . Motor driving Association of Bangladesh, 3/2 Outer Circular Road, Mogbazar, Tel : +880 2 8311492 ( Office time, 10am – 3pm, weekdays).
    Submit Application with 4 copies of Photo ( 1 Passport size + 3 Stamp Size) along with..
    Photocopy of Driving License/License receipt
    Application Fee 2500Tk.
    Photocopy of Passport.

  101. MB

    Hi, I have come form Ireland to visit family in Belgium. For some unknown reason I have forgotten my driving license…however I happen to have a full colour scan of my license in my email. Would it be acceptable to have the copy of my license along with my passport etc to drive here?

  102. Driver Abroad

    Could be risky Claire. I wouldn’t have though a rental company would let you hire a car using a copy. If you have access to a car without renting, you should be OK as long as you don’t get stopped by the police. If you do, at worst i guess they could charge you with driving without a licence.

  103. Hi Every one,

    This is Kotty from chennai , india.
    I Need to know the formalities required for Riding Motorcycles in Japan.
    I may be travelling to japan from Jan’14 to Mar’14.
    As far as i understand as a initial step ill get the INTERNATIONAL DRIVERS PERMIT from Chennai RTO and need to know what other procedures are there to ride in Japan.

    Thanks in advance

  104. KS

    Hi, I am a Canadian Expat living in China. I only have a Chinese Driving License and want to hire a car in Japan. I don’t think I can get an IDP. Will my Chinese license and a translation into Japanese be sufficient for me to hire the car and legally drive in Japan? If not, what do I need to get in order to drive in Japan.

  105. Mayur Ashtputre

    I am from India. I have my Indian driving license and International Driving license. I am studying in Ireland and i want to drive here. what i have to do first?
    Should i have to make a stamp on my IDL?
    Can i buy car with my driving license?
    Should i need to give driving test also?

    Kind regards

  106. Driver Abroad

    Hello Mayur

    You need to get an International Driving permit (unfortunately you need to get that in India if you have an Indian Licence) and that will allow you to drive with your own licence for 12 months. After that you will need to apply for an Irish Licence. You would have to ask the Indian embassy if you can apply for an IDP by post -its an question I often get asked by Indian ex pats but I’m not sure of the answer unfortunately so if you find out please let me know.


  107. Driver Abroad

    Unless your own licence was issued in Switzerland, Germany, France, Italy, Belgium or Taiwan, you will unfortunately need an IDP. The following rules also apply-
    When foreign nationals registered on Japan’s Basic Resident Register (or Alien Registration) System drive in Japan with an international driving license, the following two conditions must be satisfied:

    1) Their international driving license shall be valid for one year from the date of re-entry, after spending at least three consecutive months overseas (not necessarily in the country or region where the permit was issued).
    *In case they have returned to Japan less than three months after leaving Japan (i.e., less than three consecutive months, not a total of three months), the date of their return shall not be considered as the date of re-entry (from which the validity of an international driving license and a foreign driving license are calculated).
    2) They shall have a valid international driving license, which expires one year from the date of issuance.

    Your case is further complicated as your licence is not from your home country. I would guess if you want to use the Chinese licence you would need to apply for the IDP in China as the international permit is linked to your own licence and generally has to be applied for in that country. Not sure that helps much!


  108. Driver Abroad

    Hello Kotty -I assume the rules for a bike are the same as a car , and you’re correct that you will need to get an IDP in india. Additional rules around the IDP in Japan –
    When foreign nationals registered on Japan’s Basic Resident Register (or Alien Registration) System drive in Japan with an international driving license, the following two conditions must be satisfied:

    1) Their international driving license shall be valid for one year from the date of re-entry, after spending at least three consecutive months overseas (not necessarily in the country or region where the permit was issued).
    *In case they have returned to Japan less than three months after leaving Japan (i.e., less than three consecutive months, not a total of three months), the date of their return shall not be considered as the date of re-entry (from which the validity of an international driving license and a foreign driving license are calculated).
    2) They shall have a valid international driving license, which expires one year from the date of issuance.

    Hope that helps!

  109. Abhineet Garg

    I have Indian Driving License and International Driving license from India, Will it be valid in Saudi Arabia for driving or I have to take fresh License there,
    If it is Valid then for how many days?
    Can anyone please help….

  110. Driver Abroad

    Yes you can drive on your own licence and IDP for 3 months and you’ll then need to convert it to a Saudi licence. You may need to take a Saudi test, depending on where your own licence was obtained.My understanding is that you don’t need to take a re test with an Indian licence –

    this link should help-

  111. Danny

    i am Bangladeshi and i have Bangladeshi machine readable driving license card.I came to USA last month. if i want USA driving license, what should i do? Do I get any facilities from Bangladeshi Driving License?

  112. Driver Abroad

    There are specific rules governing each US State Dany. This link should help-

  113. Imad Rajpoot

    Is Ukrainian international driving license valid in Germany? and if so for how long is it valid and is it exchangeable with German driving license?

  114. Michael

    I am a Russian, living in Bangladesh and plan on a trip to Malaysia for a week or so. I don’t have a licence yet, reasons being i turn 18 only next week. Would I need an IDP to rent a car? I can barely manage to get the licence in time.

  115. Michael

    I guess the better question would be, will I be able to rent a car at all?

  116. Driver Abroad

    Michael -you’re legally able to drive in Malaysia at 18 and can do so on the licence of most countries for up to 3 months. However if your licence isnt in English or Malay, an IDP would be advisable. Your main problem will be renting a car at 18. As you can see from my page on car rental for under21’s not many companies allow this. Let me know if you manage to get a rental car, but to be honest I’m not hopeful.


  117. PAUL

    i have a Nigerian international and local driving licence and i want to change it to Bulgarian licence and the traffic police refuse to change it and they said that Nigeria in not in the convention and i show it to them were it is written that Nigeria is in convention but they still refuse to change it for me, what can i go nest cos they said they will only change it if it is European union drivers licence

  118. Driver Abroad

    These are the rules for foreign drivers in Bulgaria Paul –

    Non-EU-Issued Licence

    A resident foreigner who does not have a driving licence issued by an EU member state/EEA or Switzerland may drive in Bulgaria for one year. After one year, the licence must be exchanged for a Bulgarian one (if an exchange agreement exists) or the Bulgarian driving test must be taken and a new licence issued.

    Non-EU-issued licences may be exchanged if the issuing country has ratified the Vienna Convention on Road Traffic and the licence meets the requirements of this agreement. Up-to-date information on exchange agreements is available from the licence issuing-country’s Consular office in Bulgaria.

    If the licence may not exchanged for a Bulgarian one, the full driving exam process (practical and theory tests) must be successfully completed and a Bulgarian driving licence issued.
    How to Exchange a Driving Licence

    A driving licence can only be exchanged in Bulgaria if the person is legally resident in the country.

    Driving licences are exchanged at the local Traffic Police offices of the Bulgarian Traffic Police (КАТ). Take the original driving licence and residency permit.

    When a foreign driving licence is exchanged for a Bulgarian one, its validity is verified and the foreign licence is returned to the country of origin with an explanation of the reason for the exchange.

    Therefore it sounds like you need to contact the Nigerian embassy in Bulgaria to get the most up to date info on exchange requirements.

    Hope that helps.

  119. Aatif

    I am from India and I have Saudi Arabian licence and currently living in South Korea.Now I want to go Europe for a road trip (France, Italy, Switzerlan and germany).Could you please suggest me how to get IDP in Korea ?

    Thanks and regards

  120. Vignesh Chandran

    Hi this is Vignesh here,
    I am travelling to USA for three months, I am expected to drive there, I have a valid Indian Driving license with photo ID and My Driving license is in English, So do I need to apply for IDP to drive in USA?

  121. Driver Abroad

    Aatif- my understanding is that you can only get an IDP in the country in which your licence was issued. I guess in your case that means Saudi Arabia. If your licence has a photo and is written in English (latin alphabet) you should be ok to drive in most European countries for up to 3 months.


  122. Driver Abroad

    The rules vary by State Vignesh. this site should help –

  123. Jayant


    I am from India and am planning to relocate with family (spouse +1 kid) to Brazil (Cacheiro Paulista) for a period of 2 years on research work. I dont know how to drive a 4 wheeler (a car). If I start learning now then I would not get license before leaving for Brazil and moreover, International Driver Permit (IDP) issued from India are not valid in Brazil. Hence, I want to know whether will it be better to come to Brazil, learn 4 wheeler and obtain license? How soon I can get a license in Brazil.

    I’ll be grateful to you if you can provide me any information.

    best regards,

  124. Driver Abroad

    Hello Jayant -you can drive on an Indian licence for up to 180 days. After that time, some countries drivers can convert their licence to a Brazilian one, though that isnt the case for India. Therefore I think you would be better to take the test in Brazil and get a licence there.


  125. jazzy

    hi i am a pakistani
    and i have a pakistani international driving license and i want drive with this in japan
    is it possible or is it allowed please reply me as soon as possible …??

  126. Driver Abroad

    Hello Jazzy -drivers from countries who are signatories of the 1949 Geneva convention Act on international driving can drive for up to 1 year on their IDP-Therefore Pakistan should be covered by that.


  127. pratheesh

    hey u can to go to licensing office and ask to convert ur licence to idp the will ask u for proof of air ticket and visa .than they grant u idp

  128. Fahmid Rahman

    Hi There…. I am a Bangladeshi citizen having a valid DL of Bangladesh issued from local authority (BRTA). In next April, im moving to USA for my higher studies and while in the US, i would like to have my self driven vehicle for my convenience and in this regard, i got to know about automobile driving association’s IDP. But what i really wanted to know about IDP are as follows:

    1. For how long an IDP remains valid?
    2. Do i still need to carry my BD DL along with the IDP while driving abroad?
    3. Does it help in processing foreign country’s DL while living abroad?

    Fahmid Rahman

  129. Hi, i’m Mehedhi from Bangladesh. I have my IDP. Can i work as a taxi cab driver in Canada?

  130. Faisal

    Hello Matthew

    I am residing in uk about 3yrs. I came to uk in oct 2010 and never drove a car in this country. Last year went back to Pakistan in 7 nov 2013 and return on 30 jan 2014. I came to know from this useful website, from last entry to uk I can drive on international licence. Now i am bit confused about last entry. So in my case which one is last entry. Simple question can I drive on international licence if my last entry is 30 jan 2014. Please also recommend any reference. Thanks

  131. ANINDYA

    I m a Indian citizen planning to relocate to Ethopia for a year or so . Can u please tell me if i can drive car in Ethopia using Indian Driving license? If not what should i do so as do so ???? Thanx with regards Anindya .

  132. Driver Abroad

    Assuming you’re a Pakistan citizen this is from the UK Government website -

    You can drive any small vehicle (eg car or motorcycle) listed on your full and valid licence for 12 months from when you last entered Great Britain (GB)

    Therefore in your case thats 12 mths from 30 Jan 2014.

  133. Driver Abroad

    Unfortunately theres a lot of red tape to get through in order to drive in Ethiopia.Even with an International Driving permit, you need to get a temporary Ethiopian licence. You need to get your own licence authenticated by your countries embassy in Ethiopia,complete a certificate with the ministery of foreign affairs and provide 2 photos. There are fixers in the country who can help arrange all this, or you could contact your country’s embassy and ask their advice. Good luck- also check my advice on driving in Ethiopia as its statistically one of the most dangerous driving locations in the world

  134. Driver Abroad

    IDP is valid for 12 mths and yes you need to carry it along with your own licence

  135. Driver Abroad

    Sorry Mehedi. I have no idea. I would doubt it though – most countries will require taxi drivers to have passed a test there.

  136. nina


    I have a driving licence from Oman and am moving the UK for a year. Do i need to get an IDP or do I need to retake my test in the UK?


  137. sara


    I am an Algerian citizen, I have the IDP issed to me in Algeria. I will be moving soon to Abu Dhabi (UAE), and I will be having the working visa in UAE (permit of residence). I would to know, in this case, can I drive in UAE using my IDP?

  138. Mohammed Feroz Haider

    I am Feroz, a Bangladeshi citizen work for a textile based company who supply to all the retail stores in UK. For the business purpose, I need to visit UK quite often. I have my Bangladeshi Driving License as well as the International Driving Permit issued by the AAB (Association of Automobile Bangladesh, counter signed by Bangladesh Govt. Road Transport authority Bangladesh, valid and need to get fresh one every year. My driving record in Bangladesh is very clean for last 7 years. My question is, Am I allowed to drive in UK with a rental car like Hartz or Eurocar or something…I am very law abiding citizen and want to make sure to do the thing that is lawfully allowed in any part of the world. Pls help advising. Thanks.

  139. Driver Abroad

    You can use your own licence and IDP for 12 mths after arriving in UK. Afther that you should apply for a UK licence.

  140. Nadeem

    Hi there,
    i m Nadeem from pakistan i have Bahrain’s drivinging lisence(valid) and dont have pakistani one.i will be going to hongkong to work there.what is the easiest way to drive there from day first?

  141. Driver Abroad

    The rules change often in UAE and may depend on your country of origin -Visitors to the UAE can usually drive rental cars with the correct documentation (IDP and own licence) but not necessarily private cars (belonging to family or friends for example).UAE residents must usually obtain a UAE driving licence once they have been issued a UAE resident visa.I suggest you check with the UAE emabassy in Algeria or nearest country.

  142. Driver Abroad

    Yes Feroz -you can drive for up to 12 mths from last entry into UK using your own licence, though you should also get an IDP if its not a photo licence written in English. There should be no issue renting a car.

  143. Driver Abroad

    These cases are always difficult to comment on Nadeem. Most countries allow visitors to drive using their own countries licence plus IDP. Your problem is that the licence you have is not from your home country. Therefore its a bit of an odd case. I suggest you contact the Chinese embassy in Bahrain and ask their advice.

  144. Mohammed Mujeebuddin

    Hellow! hai Mr.Matthew, plz. inform how to obtain the International driving licence / permit of Senegal. Thanks. Awaiting for ur kind reply in an early days thanks.

  145. Linda Smith

    If anyone can assist/provide guidance on where to find the answer to the following question, it is greatly appreciated.

    Q. Can a permanent resident card holder (green card) of the USA re-enter the USA from his trip to Belgium to visit his son after the mother of his son has accumulated over 2,500 EUROs in traffic tickets on a car he bought for her to drive while he was in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA, during the time the tickets were issued? Can he make payment arrangements with Belgium (city of Brussels) if the violations are not cleared because the car is in his name?

    He is scheduled to come back home to live with his daughter in USA and today he found out that the mother of his son in Belgium had accumulated traffic tickets while he was out of Belgium. He is going to the Belgium authorities to clarify and see what he can do. He Doesn’t know if there is a warrant out for him because of the high amount of traffic violations he was not aware of were in his name. of course, he can prove he was not in Belgium when the traffic tickets were issued.


    Hey I am going to france for 15day honeymoon trip. I have a road trip planned out but I am confused whether i need an IDP to drive in france. I have license issued from India.

  147. Driver Abroad

    Definitely recommended- you should be OK to drive on your own photo ID licence but some rental companies will want an IDP so I’d recommend getting one before you leave India.

  148. Driver Abroad

    Sounds like a Belgian legal question. I’m not sure whether he will be liable as the car is registered in his name- i would guess it depends what type of offences they were ie moving violations or parking offences. I’m no expert but I wouldnt have thought it would affect his ability to re enter USA though it may affect his ability to leave Belgium?

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