Djibouti Driving Advice and Car Hire Info

The research for this website was carried out mainly in 2011 and 2012. Therefore there is a good chance that much of the information may now be out of date. This is particularly true of countries in the developing world, especially Asia and Africa where conditions can change often. Also, the political climate in many countries has changed a lot in recent years. Therefore the information on this website should be treated with caution. You should always check with your Government’s website or the UK Foreign office travel advice website before finalising plans to drive abroad.

Driving In Djibouti
Before driving abroad in Djibouti be sure to check your governments website for up to date advice on the situation in the country. Road and driving standards are poor. Some main roads in Djibouti are well maintained, but most roads are narrow, poorly lit, or washed-out. The two main roads to the capital city, via Dire Dawa, Ethiopia, and Yoboki, Djibouti both have a high volume of Ethiopian trucks transporting large cargo , and driving standards from lorry drivers is often poor. The route towards Dire Dawa is also in very poor condition. Excessive speed, unpredictable local driving habits, pedestrians and livestock in the roadway, and poorly maintained, overloaded vehicles are daily hazards. Avoid travelling outside of the city after dark as there is a risk of robbery (also present to a lesser extent in daylight); vehicles often have no lights and animals may be roaming the roads. Roads are poorly lit or unlit at all. Police set up wire coils as roadblocks on some of the major roads, which are not clearly visible at night. The narcotic leaf khat is widely used, particularly in the afternoons, which can lead to unpredictable driving habits.

Djibouti Car Rental –
Europcar, Alamo and  National have branches here.

Djibouti Self Driving Rules-
Alamo don’t allow cross border rentals. The Europcar website indicates that they might but with restrictions to some countries. Nationals website doesn’t specify.

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